Hilde Morris joins AlgiPharma

Hilde Morris has recently been appointed to replace our outgoing clinical director Dr. Astrid Hilde Myrset, who will continue in a consultancy in the short term to ensure a smooth transition of the role. Hilde Morris will take over the Cystic Fibrosis clinical development program at AlgiPharma. She is a veterinarian by training, and has previously held leading positions within clinical research in Nycomed-Imaging-Amersham-GE Healthcare, as well as in Photocure ASA, where she was VP of R&D until 2006. From 2007 to 2017. Hilde has worked as an independent consultant within the fields of clinical research regulatory affairs. She has had responsibility for coordinating multiple international clinical trial programs from phase I – IV for a wide range of pharmaceuticals in the US, EU and Australia, and has over 25 years’ experience interacting with international regulatory authorities.

AlgiPharma collaboration with Cardiff University wins Medical Innovation Award

A long standing collaboration between AlgiPharma and Professor David Thomas team at the School of Dentistry has been recognized this year by Cardiff University’s prestigious Medical Innovation Award. The award was presented by Dr. Rob Docherty on behalf of Cardiff University.



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(Left to Right) Dr. Manon Pritchard (Cardiff), Dr. Phil Rye (AlgiPharma), Dr Rob Docherty (presenting the award), Prof. David Thomas (Cardiff), Dr. Katja Hill (Cardiff), Dr. Saira Khan (Cardiff), Mr Arne Dessen (AlgiPharma), Dr. Lydia Powell (Cardiff).