AlgiPharma awarded 4 year grant from the Norwegian Research Council’s NANO2021 programme

AlgiPharma has been awarded up to NOK 10 million from the Norwegian Research Council for the project “Novel alginate oligomer products for enhanced delivery across mucosal barriers (Mucos-ALG)”.

The underlying idea for the project is to establish and optimize the design of alginate oligomers to enhance the delivery of drugs and small molecules across mucosal barriers. The project requires a combination of R&D skills and these requirements will be met through a consortium of international partners, many of whom have already worked successfully with AlgiPharma on previous R&D projects.

It is expected that the project will provide new alginate oligomer based products enabling more effective mucosal delivery for therapeutics in CF, COPD, infection and wound care.


About AlgiPharma AS:

AlgiPharma AS is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company, founded in 2006 on decades of research and development carried out by FMC BioPolymer AS and the Institute of Biotechnology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway. AlgiPharma has completed 5 clinical trials with two formulations of its lead drug candidate, OligoG, to treat respiratory symptoms of cystic fibrosis.

AlgiPharma owns or licenses all relevant patents upon which the technology platform and products are developed. The company is supported by national and international research programs, and collaborates with a network of key opinion leaders, highly recognized academic institutions, research and patient organizations in Europe and USA.

AlgiPharma has received more than USD 37 million in research and development grants from EU’s 7th framework program, Horizon 2020, and Eurostars programs, the Norwegian Research Council, Innovate UK, US Army through Congressional Earmark funding, and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF). Please see latest award from CFF.

AlgiPharma is a privately owned company registered and domiciled in Norway.

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Yngvar P. Berg, CEO:

Arne Dessen, COO and Chairman of the Board: