Title WO number Status
Procedure for producing uronic acid block from alginate WO1998/51710 Granted, various territories
Use of G-block polysaccharides WO1998/02488 Granted, various territories
Use of oligouronates for treating mucus hyperviscosity WO2007/039754 Granted, various territories
Oligo-guluronate and galacturonate compositions WO2008/125828 Granted, various territories
Use of alginate oligomers in combating biofilms WO2009/068841 Granted, various territories
Parenteral pharmaceutical composition for use in gene therapy WO2010/109176 Granted, various territories
Composition for the administration of polymeric drugs WO2010/109180 Granted, various territories
Treatment of Acinetobacter with alginate oligomers and antibiotics WO2010/139956 Granted, various territories
Alginate oligomers for overcoming multidrug resistance in bacteria WO2010/139957 Granted, various territories
Use of alginate oligomers to enhance the effects of antifungal agents WO2013/038197 Granted, various territories
New mutant strains of Pseudomonas fluorescens and variants thereof, methods for their production, and uses thereof in alginate production WO2004/011628 Granted, various territories
Mucosal treatment WO2007/039760 Granted, various territories

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